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PRESS RELEASE: Atheist Convention to present Christopher Hitchens with prestigious award named after Richard Dawkins

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June 22, 2011

For Immediate Release

At the Atheist Alliance of America (AAA) Convention, held in
conjunction with the Texas Freethought Convention, AAA will present
the 2011 Richard Dawkins Award to Christopher Hitchens for his
outstanding contributions to freethought.  The convention, with a
theme of “From Grassroots to Global Impact”, will be held from October
7-9, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Houston, Texas.  The line-up
includes prominent speakers such as Richard Dawkins, Michael Shermer,
PZ Myers, Eugenie Scott, and Victor Stenger as well as entertainment.

The Richard Dawkins Award has been presented annually since 2003 to
notable individuals for their work on behalf of promoting atheism and
freethought around the world.  Past recipients include Susan Jacoby,
Bill Maher, Penn and Teller, Julia Sweeney, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Daniel
Dennett, Ann Druyan, and James Randi.

This year, Richard Dawkins himself will present AAA’s Richard Dawkins
Award to Christopher Hitchens, who may accept in person or in absentia
as his schedule permits.

Christopher Hitchens is one of the most prolific modern writers and
exponents of atheism; he has appeared on every major news and
political television show offering opinions on political and social
issues.  He has contributed to Vanity Fair, The Nation, Slate, the New
York Times Book Review, and Atlantic Monthly, among many other
publications.  His books include Hitch 22: A Memoir, God is Not Great:
How Religion Poisons Everything, and The Missionary Position: Mother
Teresa in Theory and Practice.

Hitchens was born in Portsmouth, England and educated at The Leys
School in Cambridge and Balliol College, Oxford. He holds an honors
degree in philosophy, politics and economics. Hitchens emigrated to
the United States in 1981 and became an American citizen in 2007.  In
June 2010, Hitchens was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

Nick Lee, President of Atheist Alliance of America said, ”The Atheist
Alliance of America is proud to recognize Mr. Hitchens for his
prominent role in the public debate over the impact of religion in
modern society.”

Registration for the Atheist Alliance Convention opens on June 25th,
at www.atheistallianceamerica.org.

About Atheist Alliance of America

Atheist Alliance of America (AAA) seeks to coordinate the local
activities of autonomous, self-governing, and democratic member
societies in their educational, advocacy, and community-building
programs, while presenting a positive voice for the atheist and
freethought community in the United States.  AAA, resulted from a
process to separate the former Atheist Alliance International into
it’s US and international components.  As the US component, AAA will
celebrate its formal launch at the Houston convention.




Nick Lee
President, Atheist Alliance of America


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June 22, 2011 at 9:01 am

MEDIA ADVISORY: New Atheist Alliance International Launched in Dublin, Ireland

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MEDIA ADVISORY: New Atheist Alliance International Launched in Dublin, Ireland

3 June 2011

For immediate release

Atheist Alliance International (“AAI”), a global network of atheist and freethought organisations, launched today as prominent atheists, including British biologist Professor Richard Dawkins and Danish science writer Dr Lone Frank, gathered at the World Atheist Convention in Dublin, Ireland.

With membership comprising 19 atheist/freethought groups plus individuals from Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia, Atheist Alliance International will: * Strengthen co-operation between atheist and freethought organisations around the world;

* Support the establishment of new atheist/freethought organisations, particularly in developing countries;

* Publish Secular World magazine, with Atheist Alliance of America;

* Co-host atheist conventions, continuing the success of international events in Australia (2010), Denmark (2010) and Ireland (2011); and

* Act as an atheist spokesperson on relevant international matters.

The new board of Atheist Alliance International was elected today and is comprised of thirteen members from around the world, reflecting the diversity of Atheist Alliance International’s membership and its global activities.

Tanya Smith, an investment banker from Melbourne, Australia, has been elected as the President of Atheist Alliance International. Tanya said, “Atheist Alliance International will be a positive global voice for atheism and secularism. The new board is excited about opportunities to support and promote freethought around the world – particularly in relation to the separation of religion and government and assisting new atheist organisations in developing countries, where atheists often face persecution and discrimination.”

The launch of new Atheist Alliance International is part of the process to separate the former Atheist Alliance International into its US and international components. The US component has been re-named Atheist Alliance of America and will be launched at a convention in Houston, Texas, in October 2011.

Nick Lee, President of Atheist Alliance of America said, “I am confident that the new Atheist Alliance International will be a great success and look forward to a co-operative relationship between Atheist Alliance International and Atheist Alliance of America.”


About Atheist Alliance International Atheist Alliance International develops and supports educational, advocacy, and community-building programs for the atheist and freethought community. Atheist Alliance International seeks to transform society into one that supports and respects a worldview based on the values of reason, empiricism, naturalism, and respects and protects the separation of religion and government.



Contacts Tanya Smith

President, Atheist Alliance International

+61 448 422 253


Tanya is from Australia and currently resides in France

Nick Lee

President, Atheist Alliance of America

+1 201 288 2766

Nick is from the United States of America

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